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How Do I Fill Out My Baby’s TSA Precheck Application?

How Do I Fill Out My Baby’s TSA Precheck Application?

June 30, 2019

Question:  I’m filling out a  TSA Precheck application for my 4 month old baby. I don’t understand what it means where it says guardian questions. Are these questions are for me?
Then where it says employment and years living in the home, are those questions for me the parent? Please help me

Answer:  The process for filing a baby’s TSA Precheck application can be complicated if you do not have a account for your baby or if you cannot remember how to login to their account. Easy Border Cards can help you to apply for your baby’s TSA Precheck application without the hassle. We charge a $129.99 service fee, payable via PayPal.

Please follow the link below to save time:

Baby’s TSA Precheck Application

If you are traveling with a child – please note:

Children under 18 years qualify for expedited TSA screening if they are traveling with a parent or guardian who is enrolled onto the TSA Precheck program.

If the child is traveling alone, they need to get TSA Pre by filling out the TSA Precheck online application and attending a 30 minute interview at a TSA enrollment center. See the following steps:

  1. You should fill out the form as though you were your child e.g. Enter your baby’s name, date of birth and address.
  2. Your baby will need a unique email address (your personal email address will not be accepted by the government.
  3. In the section marked ‘Parent / Guardian Details’, you should fill out the section giving with your personal details.
  4. The rest of the whole form should be filled out as if the child were doing it themselves, which means in the employment section you must check ‘Child’ and there is no need to add further details except MONTH and YEAR i.e. the child’s date of birth. You can write ‘None’ for the rest of the fields.
  5. In the address section, if your baby is under 5 years, you only need to fill out the ‘Current Address’ section.

If you prefer to do baby’s TSA Precheck application yourself, you can apply here, but we save you time and only submit your application when it’s been thoroughly checked for accuracy

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