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Fingerprinting At Global Entry Interview

Fingerprinting At Global Entry Interview

July 12, 2019

Question: May I use either hand for fingerprint identification at my Global Entry interview? I have always used my right hand. In September I had reverse shoulder replacement. Consequently, fingers on my right hand were swollen and numb. Most of the numbness has gone away, but my fingerprints are not recognized by my iPhone. Can you, please advise.

Answer: You can use either hand for the Global Entry interview fingerprinting. The equipment used is highly sensitive and can often pick up fingerprints that are not easy to detect due to injury. This is a non-invasive process and is used to verify your identity, so that a traveler’s fingerprints could serve as both a boarding pass and identity document. Fingerprint technology matches your fingerprints to those that were provided to the enrollment center when you enrolled in the Global Entry program. In the event that your fingerprints cannot be detected, the Customs and Border Protection officer will refer your case to a supervisor for a decision.

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