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TSA Pre International

TSA Pre International

Easy Border Cards are specialist consultants in TSA Precheck program enrollment. We’re not the government, but we make your TSA Pre application process fast and easy, with easy to follow TSA Precheck guidelines. We do all the hard work for you and our customer care is second to none. If you prefer to fill out a TSA Precheck application yourself, you can apply here.
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There is no TSA international Precheck program. You can only use the expedited airport screening TSA lines on departure in the United States at airports with designated TSA Precheck lines. Some international airports have their own expedited lines and some do not require registration, however international fast track lines will require you to remove your belt, jackets, shoes, liquid and laptop bags.

You can join NEXUSSENTRI or Global Entry to take advantage of international programs, however if you join one of these Trusted Traveler programs, you do not need to join TSA Precheck because membership of NEXUSSENTRI or Global Entry comes with free TSA Precheck membership.

TSA Precheck is best for U.S. domestic travelers.